'The Addams Family: A Musical Comedy' review

'The Addams Family: A Musical Comedy'

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March 16, 2023

Arts & Education thriving at The Arts Academy at County High School

Last Friday, March 10, 2023, an incredibly talented group of high school students, along with their teachers, put on a performance that transported the audience to the “creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky” Addams Family Mansion in the middle of Central Park. As the curtain opened the audience was treated to a set that was masterfully crafted by the The Arts Academy Set Construction Class and Cut Above Construction. 

The Addams Family: A Musical Comedy
Photo credit: Jenn de Groot

Even before the show began, the buzzing audience was clapping along with the familiar Addams Family double snaps. When the curtain rose, Gomez Addams (Mark Gomez) led the entire company in with “When You’re an Addams,” set in the Addams Family Cemetery. All the ancestors get called forth and as they celebrate being an Addams — being family first and last. We soon learn what fun Craig Allen has in his portrayal of Uncle Fester. He delights the audience all throughout this production. He only wants us to think about love! We soon find out the ancestors are needed to help make sure that young Wednesday Addams (Rylee Armstrong) gets her love with the normal boy, Lucas Bieneke (Kaden Gonzales). Morticia Addams (Isabella Gernazio) and Pugsley (Elliet Johnson) share a touching moment and both had shining solo moments. Intermission featured the comedic and hilarious “Fortune Telling” by Grandma Addams (Autumn Armendariz) and “Thing” (Chloe Okins). At the end, when the silent, brooding Lurch (Davian Harris) opened his mouth and let his voice sing out—it was equally moving and beautiful. 

The music was led by Band Director, Jason Muller, and performed by the students in the orchestra. Jill Townsend accompanied on piano. It was a joy to have the music performed live. This is not something we see in Pueblo County often anymore, and it truly makes all the difference. The choreography by Aubrey Vialpando was crisp and just as kooky as one would expect from The Addams Family. It highlighted many talented dancers including the Ballerina Ancestor/Moon (Payton Vialpando) and Nurse/Grim Reaper Dancers (Lucy Vargas and Delaney Bond). 

Theatre imitates life in a world where we all just want to be “Normal.” Maybe it’s better to be authentic to ourselves. This production is a testament to the dedication to their craft, as well as a community really coming together to support students and teachers. Well done to everyone involved with this production! Theatre is supposed to make people feel something, and, for a moment on a Friday night, the audience at the high school theater in the cornfield shared in the experience of laughter and joy that was this production of The Addams Family: A Comedy Musical.

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4 comments on “'The Addams Family: A Musical Comedy' review”

  1. I attended on on Sunday afternoon. I was most impressed with the production. Besides the staff mentioned, there was Taylor Gilmore & Becca Klock. What a fantastic experience

  2. Seamlessly directed by Taylor Gilman who also serves as the lead instructor of the academy and musical Direction by Becca Klock made this piece exquisite.

  3. Absolutely wonderful performance!!!! Congrats to Director Tay Gilman and Music Director Becca Klock for their hard work on such an amazing achievement. I was so lucky to work with this cast of talented, hilarious, and down-to-earth students.

  4. It was amazing! The vocals were 100% on point! The music was perfectly synchronized. The actors were simply stupendous! It was by far the Best High Musical I have ever seen!

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