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<a href='https://pueblostarjournal.org/author/ghowell/'>Gregory Howell</a>
<a href='https://pueblostarjournal.org/author/ghowell/'>Gregory Howell</a>
Gregory Howell is the founder of the Kadoya Gallery, the creative consultant for Watertower Place and its revolutionary Rational Factory, the chair of the Pueblo Community College Media Communication Department’s Advisory Council, the vice-chair of the Pueblo Historic Preservation Commission, and a storyteller, artist and overall Renaissance man.
March 18, 2022

As I’ve shared many times, there are a couple of ways to end up in Pueblo: Either your car breaks down on I-25 or the city grabs you with an emotional hook and you find yourself diving into its history, culture and arts.

Ten years ago I answered the call of a team of doctors and entrepreneurs and came from out of state to help launch a new business based in Pueblo. In a few short years, we opened seven clinics across Colorado and one in Texas – but I stayed here. Even if you did not graduate from a Pueblo high school, you can be welcomed into the community of alumni.

Whenever I engage in a new project, I have a process that helps me understand my choices in an informed manner. Over the past decade, I have learned that critical thinking is often absent from decision making and, to make matters worse, empathy is often left curbside. When I engage in turning ideas into action, I look for three critical areas of strength – community, creativity and courage. 

When the local media landscape in Pueblo changed and we were faced with a voice and narrative that were no longer hyper-local or representative of the city and county, it was time to have conversations with others who understand that news is a community asset. News organizations around the world are now rethinking their mission and Pueblo is no different.

Starting at the grassroots level, I heard a range of perspectives shared by Puebloans. Many felt it was time to rethink the future of local news given the diminished amount of local coverage. 

Change is hard. It takes failure and a lot of courage to make a difference for our future. Pueblo has the courage and the capacity to face the challenges before us today.

Over the past several months, professional journalists and community volunteers have honored the call and are building an innovative news publication that honors the historic Star-Journal evening paper and offers reliable news coverage for all Puebloans. We are fresh out of the gates with this inaugural print edition – something that would not have been possible without leadership, strategy, commitment, funding and a true desire to communicate the important local issues of the day. We are lean and mean and have a passion for telling Pueblo’s stories. 

Exploration, discovery and self-expression have been key drivers in the development of Pueblo since its earliest beginnings. History, culture and the arts have empowered individuals to share their stories. Humanity can get messy, but a city that embraces and understands the power of light and creativity is more apt to be fluid and flexible in the process of problem solving. Change agents in Pueblo welcome diversity and encourage participation and ownership from all stakeholders in the conversation. 

I cannot thank Puebloans enough for their love of locally driven journalism. The Pueblo Star Journal truly is a community asset and I hope you will support the paper in its ongoing development and expansion.

Make checks payable to:

Positive Content,
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