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Board of Directors: Gregory Howell, Kennedy Pugh, Chantal Woodyard, Leslie Nazario

Advisory Board: Nicki Hart, Susan Wolf, Caroline Trani, Jayson Peters

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If you live in Pueblo County, each issue of the PSJ will eventually be mailed to you. If you live outside of our home area, please contact us to be added to our mailing list (a minimal fee will be charged only to cover the cost of mailing your issues -- limited home delivery is now available for $5 to addresses in and around Pueblo). You can also visit our website for news and to find paper distribution locations, and to subscribe to our email newsletters and other announcements.

The Star Journal will operate in much the same way as PBS, National Public Radio, The Colorado Sun and other member-supported media. Funding will come from our readers, local advertisers, philanthropic organizations, special events and grants that support local news outlets.

The PSJ is free for everyone to access and read — no restrictions. We do not charge for website access or subscriptions to our email newsletters. The only cost to you is if you want our print edition mailed to you outside the Pueblo County area (see above).

We will report on all things Pueblo — local news, culture, events and sports — with an emphasis on deeper coverage of each area. The PSJ is not the place to browse national headlines. We are local. We are Pueblo.

We don’t have one. The PSJ will not endorse political candidates or issues, nor will we accept political advertising. As a nonprofit news organization, our commitment is to provide our readers with the facts they need to make their own informed choices. This will come through our reporting as well as our hosting of community forums and public debates.

The PSJ started production in 2022 and, based on our level of financial support, may expand to more frequent publication soon. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on our website and social media for regular updates.

Please visit our advertiser information page to get the latest information as it becomes available.

We will have opportunities for volunteer involvement through our community events. Look for future employment openings.

Please contact us to be removed from the mailing list.


Are you looking for a meaningful cause to round out your charitable contributions for the tax year?
Look no further than the Pueblo Star Journal and support local news.

As a fiscal sponsor, Positive Content acts as an umbrella organization for our mission-focused work, and accepts and administers funds on our behalf. Positive Content is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which makes all donations to us tax-deductible. Make your donation by Dec. 31 to ensure that it can be deducted from this year’s taxes.

Positive Content
EIN: ‍84-3063664 | Pueblo, CO, United States

You can call 719-283-3361.

Our name has deep ties to our community.

The Star-Journal Publishing Company was created at the beginning of the 20th century by a group that included local businessman John F. Vail and former Colorado Gov. Alva Adams. 

That organization later was purchased by famed Pueblo newspaperman Frank Hoag Sr. and renamed the Star-Journal Publishing Corp. Hoag eventually bought the Colorado Chieftain and published both papers daily - the Chieftain in the morning, the Star-Journal in the afternoon.

The Star-Journal eventually ceased publication but its legacy remains an important part of Pueblo’s history. We are proud to resurrect the PSJ as part of a new generation of local news.

  • All submissions must be a specific event with a start time and date. We do not include regular business listings. If you have a question about whether or not your listing qualifies, just ask. We’re glad to help.
  • Please do not submit the same event more than once. Check first to see if it's already posted, or ask us. If someone beat you to it and there are issues you'd like to correct, let us know.
  • Event listings are free. We will also offer paid display advertising in print and online that may suit your events better. If you have specific needs, let us know how we can work with you.
  • All events are screened before they appear online and in print. We reserve the right to refuse to publish any event, for any reason.
  • Events can be submitted at

Spanish text translations are planned.

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