April 19, 2022
 | 10:43 am

Arts center returns with diverse exhibitions

What to expect, gallery by gallery ...

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The Sangre de Cristo Arts Center is open again after being closed for weeks due to a water main break and change in leadership. April's First Friday Art Walk was the ideal way to celebrate five powerful exhibitions featuring some of Southern Colorado’s best talent. If you have not already visited, be aware that some shows will end in May. Here is a quick overview of what to expect, starting at the top of the Arts Center in the White Gallery and working down to the Hoag Gallery.

White Gallery

“Exo-Sanctuaries: A Rough Ruby Collective Project”

Artists: Laura BenAmots, Hellen Eberhardie Dunn, Ceil Horowitz, Cathleen Meadows, Hannah Star Rogers

Through May 14

The Rough Ruby Collective is composed of artists from Colorado Springs and Pueblo. This exhibition is a mixed-media, collaborative, multi-spacial, immersive art installation experience with an original soundscape. 

3rd Floor Foyer

“From a Remembrance”

Artist: Su Kaiden Cho

Through May 21

Born and raised in Seoul, Cho is a Korean contemporary artist working in Colorado. His work confronts identity with cross-cultural reflections between South Korea and the United States. Cho challenges the standard norms of culture, heritage and self-identity, and presents a perspective of beauty that can only be found deep within. 

King Gallery

“Photo Pensato”

Artists: Ron Johnson, John Shelton, Stephen W. Podrasky, Linda Little, Jim Montague, Michael Trupiano, Aimee McCrory, Raj Manickam

Through May 21

“Photo Pensato” is a collective of Colorado photographers with various styles and techniques. The artists in this exhibit are drawn to each other’s work through an appreciation of each photographer’s efforts to discover, learn and grow. 

Regional Gallery

Mathias ‘Mo’ Valdez: “Things & Stuff”

Artist: Mathias Valdez

Through Aug. 7

Puebloans may be familiar with Mo Valdez through his work at Last Leaf Printing, which he founded in 2009. Previously he has shown his work in solo exhibitions at Pueblo's Kadoya Gallery and Blo Back Gallery. “Things & Stuff” is a reminder that when we talk about the truth, it is often very difficult to figure out and we find ourselves navigating through the ebbs and flows of life’s uncertainties.

Hoag Gallery

“Roots of Change”

Artist: Liz McCombs

Through July 24

Several years ago at the former Wix Gallery on the Riverwalk, Liz McCombs presented maquette-like figures that conjured a whole spectrum of emotional characters. The artist has now created the bigger-than-life sculptures featured in the Hoag Gallery. The concept of change is the inspiration for all of the work in “Roots of Change.” Within each humble seed, the potential exists for something magnificent. As these seeds begin to sprout, change is taking place while hidden below the surface. Each seed sends out a complex system of roots that multiply, provide support and nourish new life. In this way, seeds are much like ideas; from humble beginnings, spectacular results can be achieved.

Gregory Howell
Gregory Howell is the founder of the Kadoya Gallery, the creative consultant for Watertower Place and its revolutionary Rational Factory, the chair of the Pueblo Community College Media Communication Department’s Advisory Council, the vice-chair of the Pueblo Historic Preservation Commission, and a storyteller, artist and overall Renaissance man.

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