March 18, 2022
 | 8:12 am

State of the arts in the Steel City

There’s plenty to explore in Pueblo’s award-winning Creative Corridor.

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There’s plenty to explore in Pueblo’s award-winning Creative Corridor that covers Downtown, the Historic Union Avenue District and Mesa Junction. It’s filled with galleries, museums, street sculptures and murals, gardens, cafés, local shops and live music and poetry – all ready to challenge your imagination and inspire your visit. This art survey includes visits to the Blo Back Gallery, Pueblo Arts Alliance, Pueblo Heritage Museum and Steel City Art Works. 

“Project 43: A Nude Study” by Jeffry Moore 

Blo Back Gallery, 131 Spring St.

Project 43 grew out of another project and created the inspiration necessary for Moore to expand his thoughts on the human form. 

“Coming out of the pandemic has felt like everything is a slight blur,” he said. “By pulling in the focus, using a color shift and cropping the images in a medium format, I learned that I had been carrying an overwhelming weight and as a result my creative process has been dragging for months.”

“For Sickness or Worse” by Kodi Delaney

Blo Back Gallery (through March 25)

According to the artist during her gallery talk, this series is a personal journey through struggles with mental health and how it manifests itself physically in day-to-day life. It took nearly a year to be formally diagnosed with depression – a surprise, since her experiences seemed to be mostly physical – migraines, nausea, fainting spells, a loss in libido, nutrient deficiency anemia, among others. The diagnosis revealed how physically debilitating a mental health issue can be. 

The exhibit is a visual representation of what crippling depression can feel like. 

“Retro-Introspective: 50 Years of the Artwork of L. Savas Razo”

Liminal Space Gallery, Pueblo Arts Alliance, 107 S. Grand Ave.

L. Savas Razo taught digital media at both Pueblo Community College and District 60 for two decades. He earned his degree in fine arts from Colorado State University Pueblo. He experiments with multiple media including drawing, painting, digital photography and sculpture but this is his first major exhibit to include works that have never been shown publicly.

Kayleigh Shinn and Cindy Adams

Pueblo Heritage Museum, 201 W. B St. (through March)

Cindy Adams is a Pueblo artist with a passion for painting figures and animals. She has exhibited her work locally and nationally. With two rambunctious dogs and a spoiled cat, Adams knows the love and bond between people and their pets. 

Kayleigh Shinn is a Pueblo native and registered nurse who enjoys oil painting in her free time. She studied under Adams for several years and this is her first exhibit.

Sharon Orman Rodman showcase 

Steel City Art Works, 216 S. Union Ave.

This curated collection of works by regional artist Sharon Orman Rodman features her paintings and unique fiber art hangings. Rodman has extensive experience exhibiting her work and teaches classes in everything from painting to weaving.

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Gregory Howell
Gregory Howell is the founder of the Kadoya Gallery, the creative consultant for Watertower Place and its revolutionary Rational Factory, the chair of the Pueblo Community College Media Communication Department’s Advisory Council, the vice-chair of the Pueblo Historic Preservation Commission, and a storyteller, artist and overall Renaissance man.

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